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 Beijing Credibility Insurance Agency Ltd (BCIA) is a professional insurance agency company, whose establishment was approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission. BCIA's key businesses include property insurance, life insurance and health insurance agency services.

BCIA's become an experienced insurance agency company as it continues to accumulate familiarity with the insurance market and maintains close cooperation with many Chinese and foreign insurance companies. Meanwhile BCIA, as a whole, is becoming popular as a result of fact that the insurance products BCIA offers meet the needs of both individuals and different types of organizations.

Clients will benefit from BCIA's insurance consultant and investment expert services, since BCIA has a well-structured management, close-knitted service system and professional staff team.

Facing the new challenges and opportunities of the insurance industry after China's accession to WTO, BCIA erected its operational logo underpinned by "credibility" and "service". In addition, BCIA is committed to maximizing the interests of both clients and partners, as well as to realizing self-grow through continuously filling its gap to professional management, professional service and professional image.

We've moved to the new head office, which is located at the hot area of CBD in Beijing. A company's website was also built up to publicize all the information our clients may wish to know.

BCIA is currently the member of the Insurance Association of China, Insurance Association of Beijing, and China Insurance Com. A senior mentor who has overseas insurance experience has been netted into our team as the Chief Advisor. The Chairman is currently the member of the II Insurance Agency Working Committee of the Insurance Association of China.